Taran Bains

What I use!

Hey, I’m Taran, and here’s a list of things I use to get work done! You may or may not care, but whatever, take a look


  • Acreom - My preferred note taking app!
  • Fly.io - Where I host my apps and random stuff!
  • Cloudinary - Where I throw up all my images!
  • GitHub - Where I host my code; we don’t use bitbucket here 🤣.
  • Cloudflare - For DNS and caching!
  • ntfy - A service to send push notifications to my phone (used with my github actions)

Development Environment

  • My Dot Files - My dotfiles repository.
  • Neovim - I use neovim, by the way 😏.
  • Visual Studio Code - I use VsCode for debugging and sometimes for writing code (mostly massive find and replaces lol).
  • Kitty - My terminal emulator of choice!
  • Tmux - I use tmux for my terminal multiplexer!
  • Volta - My node version manager (no more remembering what node version to use)!

Home Stuff