Taran Bains

😆 while going through a CSS workshop, I came across this list of CSS mistakes. Be humble folks. We all mistakes.

Here’s a list (probably not complete) set of inheritable css properties.

TIL, from Dom Farolino that he’s trying to make addEventListener extinct with the observables api!

// Filtering and mapping:
  .filter(e => e.target.matches('.foo'))
  .map(e => ({x: e.clientX, y: e.clientY}))
  .subscribe({next: handleClickAtPoint})

Check out this dope tool for understanding the React internals! So dope!

Never make a decision in anger, and never make a promise in happiness

-Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib

TIL about an app that’ll edit your prose for you! Hemingway App should be able to help me write with better clarity and conciseness. I’m a wordy son of a gun.



Got a node_module giving you a headache? Need to give it a band-aid? Thank your lucky stars for patch-package.

It’s a vital band-aid for the bleeding edge!

You must be willing to suffer the anger of your opponent, and yet not return anger. You must not become bitter. No matter how emotional your opponents are, you must be calm.

Anger is incompatible with joy.

Our goal is not to remain calm while suffering but rather to experience a setback without thereby suffering.



TIL about the unset keyword in CSS; it resets the property value from the one it inherited from its parent and it it doesn’t natrually inherit from its parent, it sets it to its initial value.

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If you ever want to know (sort of) the cost of adding a package to your node app, you can use bundlephobia!

TIL that Kanak Di Rakhi is a Punjabi song that me and the Boys wild out to. It’s a banger. It came out in 1959 and is a must listen to and dance to at any reception.

"while in your quick list
:cdo s/your-search-term/thing-to-replace-with/g

"go to quick list after changes
:wa <CR>

During office hours with Kent, I learned about semver calculator!

It seems pretty dope and I’m going to use it in the future!



I also learned that Sanity has their own query language for working with JSON. Might be worth looking into if you need to do some transformations and just move it into the query versus doing it in the code.

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TIL about a sick template for building a headless shopify theme with Sanity and Hydrogen.

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If you pass in a name, it’ll behave like an actual accordion. Thanks Adam Argyle!

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Need to run background jobs? Not writing Ruby On Rails and therefore not using Sidekiq? Check out trigger.dev

I can probably use this somewhere in the future but TBD 🤔!

TIL about dotenv.org! You can use this to share and sync your .env files across machines/teammates. They also allow for the ability to encrypt your secrets and use them in your CI/CD pipelines.

The neat thing about this if someone leaves your company and you don’t have a fancy IT setup, you can just change the keys on the dotenv side of things and the keys the user has on their local machine will no longer be valid!

We tried to use some CSS variables we defined inside of the :root with our tailwind config and even though tailwind let’s you do that, the outputted CSS isn’t actually valid 🤯! The media query declarations are processed while our CSS is being parsed!

:root {
	--mobile-breakpoint: 600px;
	--tablet-breakpoint: 900px;

/* This gets processed before the CSS is parsed */
/* So the media query is invalid */
@media(max-width: var(--mobile-breakpoint)) {
	.showMeGoing {
    visibility: visible;