Taran Bains


cool tech05.05.2024

Script Kit

Scripting isn't just for sys admins 😃


Epic Web Conference 2024

Don't think. Just go.


Making a TUI with Go

You thought it was fun making UI's for the web? Wait till you see a TUI!


Go, HTMX, and Lit

The way in which you fight is a reflection of how you live your life.


Reflecting on my time at Productboard

Good work, good friends, and good times


Managing technical debt

Not all debt is bad, but technical debt generally tends to suck more than most other kinds of debt


Remixing the old with the new

I finally rewrote my blog (again) with a modern framework


A Mind for Numbers

Gain the secret insights of how to efficiently learn, not only math and science, but also any subject matter as a whole.


Mortgages in Canada

The highlights of what I learned from "Beat the Bank- How to Win The Mortgage Game in Canada"

cool tech20.02.2021

WebAssembly Beginner Workshop

A recap of what I learned in Jem Young's Web Assembly Beginner workshop

best practices13.12.2020

Functional programming - an intro

A brief introduction to the benefits of functional programming and why I think it leads to better code


Design Principles

An introduction to the why and how of design patterns


Iterable and Iterators

Iterators, iterables, and generators! 🤓


React Suspense with Chantastic

Figures a workshop on Suspense would leave me on the edge of my seat!😅


My year at an agile agency

As my first year comes to a close, I thought it apt to share what I thought were the most important things that I learned