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Never make a decision in anger, and never make a promise in happiness

-Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib

You must be willing to suffer the anger of your opponent, and yet not return anger. You must not become bitter. No matter how emotional your opponents are, you must be calm.

Anger is incompatible with joy.

Our goal is not to remain calm while suffering but rather to experience a setback without thereby suffering.

The acquisition of knowledge brings about satisfaction, but it’s application brings about fulfillment.

There’s a theory that for a signal to be honest, it has to be costly, otherwise everybody could imitate it. It’s why we spend a 1/4 of our salary on an engagement ring (that and being duped by the diamond companies) 😆.

Amor fati is a Latin phrase that may be translated as “love of fate” or “love of one’s fate”. This stoic concept mirrors similar philosophies such as Taqdeer in Arabic, loosley translated as the absolute decree of the Divine or Chardi Kala in Sikhism.

Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing you don’t put a tomato in a fruit salad. Charisma is convincing everyone that it’s a salsa.

Brought to you by Christine.

It’s normal to sit down with a few negative feelings about beginning your work. It’s how you handle those feelings that matters.

While working my way through The Pragmatic Programmer I came by a tip that really struck a chord with me. Good design is easier to change than bad design.

Make things easier to change. Why is decoupling good? By isolating concerns, we make each easier to change. Why is the single responsibility principle good? A change in requirements is mirrored by a change in one module.

Whenever you’re talking about setting up a business or a new venture, it’s important to start with why. Start with why, then move to how, and then move to what… it might be worth reading this book:

Start With Why

Be proactive! Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready 😁

Risk is the dancing partner of reward.

Struggling is not failing. Struggling is succeeding on not giving up.